A Little Bit About Nice..

My name is Caitlin Holcomb, and I am the girl behind Nice.  I have a great love for vintage things and I am always working on some sort of project! My blog is the perfect place to see what I'm up to.  I also maintain a mailing list (about once a month) which can let you be the first to know about shop updates and events.  The sign up box is located at the top left of this page.
(photo on right from the Chicago Renegade Craft Fair, 2009)

Loves & Inspiration..

Turner Classic Movie Channel, vintage fabric,  friendly & genuine people,
my loved ones (my Mom makes really nice things), flea markets & thrift stores, wallpaper, color & patterns, vintage cake decorations, childhood memories, lambic beer, Nest, hotels, Dare Wright, Henry Darger, lots of different music (ask me to make you a mix cd & I will),  bunches of balloons, pretty clothing, Katharine Hepburn & Spencer Tracy, "You Can't Take it with You", "Le Ballon Rouge", "The Little Fugitive", Don Knotts, old Disney movies, Colleen, Lake Michigan/the beach on the Michigan side, Curb Your Enthusiasm, The Wire, Extras, Tim and Eric, certain magazines & so many blogs, chocolate in most forms, small business owners, dollhouses and little things like that, grumpy ghosts, bakery cases, driving long distances, & etc. etc. etc. of course.

Past & Presently.. 

I have been creating acrylic paintings mostly on wood, Mini Deer Plaques, Mod Cabin Clocks, Hooray and Happy Birthday banners done with colorful vintage fabrics, Illuminated Memo Boards, and most recently light shades created with vintage and found handmade doilies and new trims. Handmade and vintage items by Nice have been featured on many blogs including Decor8, Poppy Talk, Craft Zine, and Design Sponge, and in 2007 the Mini Deer Plaques were sold at FredFlare and a part of their annual Next Big Thing contest. Hooray banners by Nice are included in the newest book by Kayte Terry, Applique Your Way, from Chronicle Books (fall 2009).

Visit the Blushing section of Nice-Etc.com to see how else thinks Nice is nice.
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Fringe Banners

Be My Baby Forever I Love You Wild Heart

I am happy to introduce my newest banner style- my handmade take on the throw-away party store letter banners. Surprise your special someone by hanging an extraordinary I Love You in an ordinary place! Think about their daily routine and where they'd really appreciate a sweet reminder of your love. Hang it above your bed, on the inside of your home's front door, amongst your art collection, in a baby's room. Fringe banners by Nice have been featured in Nylon Magazine Daily + Refinery29.

Paintings & Wood Burnings

Greatly influenced by vintage images, coloring books, and youth, my paintings and wood burnings tend to be  simple and delicate;  little thoughtful, happy moments.  I started painting on wood and vintage wallpaper in 2003, and it is still my favorite medium.
Click here to view the image set of my paintings and wood burningsClick here to view them as a slide show.
Artwork currently available in my shop, click here.

Mini Deer Plaques & Mod Cabin Clocks

The Mini Deer Plaques came out of my love for deer and small scale things.     They debuted at the Chicago Renegade Craft Fair in September 2006, and in 2007 they were part of FredFlare.com's Next Big Thing contest.  They are dear to my heart (no pun intended?) and I love how they compliment various home decor styles.  In December of '07 I introduced the latest evolution of the deer plaques as Mod Cabin Clocks.  These have been very popular and add an unexpected touch to an every day object such as a clock.  
Click here to view the image set of my Mini Deer Plaques and Mod Cabin Clocks;
   Click here to view them as a slide show.
Mini Deer Plaques & Clocks currently available in my shop, click here.

Handmade Celebration Banners

I've been collecting vintage fabrics for years, though I was never able to decide on a project worthy of taking my sheers to their fibers.  The banner idea proved itself because it allows me to mix and match patterns and color, a true love of mine.    They are designed to be cheery, and perhaps a tad over the top, just as a celebration should be!  I absolutely love that my banners have the opportunity to become a tradition with my customers.
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Click to view my Happy Birthday banners, Hooray banners, or the mini banners.
Banners currently available in my shop, click here.

Handmade Light Shades

After more than a year in the making, in early April 2007 I introduced my light shades. They have been received very well, and have been blogged about on Decor8 and PoppyTalk, just to name two.  Created with vintage or found handmade doilies and vintage inspired trims, they truly are a labor of love. Each one is thoughtfully arranged and once complete, the shades cast beautiful, delicate shadows. They are an original handmade piece that can compliment several home decor styles. Currently I have 4 styles available: The Bouquet Shade, The Happy Cloud Shade, the Daisy Chain Shade, and the Vintage Lace Shade. I create custom shades as well, and will even create a shade from your own collection of favorite doilies.
To view the shades click here.
Light Shades currently available in my shop, click here.

Illuminated Memo Boards

The Illuminated Memo Boards combine many of my favorite things: Doilies, pretty patterns, wood grain, lighting, and love notes!  No more messy random paper notes getting lost and not seen - this illuminated dry erase board will make the even the simplest every day (please pick up milk) note special.
Click here to see more images.
Illuminated Memo Boards currently available in my shop, click here.

To learn more about Nice and how it came to be, visit the Little History section.

If you are interested in wholesale pricing, custom orders, or if you just want to say hello (I love such emails!), feel free to write me: letswritecaitlin [@] hotmail [dot] comAlso check out Nice @ Etsy.com to see what is currently available (glance to the left to see a few of the listings).

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